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Dealer Jump specializes in helping dealers get inventory online, capture more leads, and sell more cars.

We provide car dealerships with dealer websites, online inventory management, and vehicle inventory publishing to dozens of online car websites where consumers are looking to buy cars. Sites include craigslist, Autotrader, Facebook, Vast,, iseecars, Geebo, Trovit, Mitula, Yakaz and others. Best of all, sending your cars to all these car-oriented sites is simple and automated.

The Dealer Jump website tools, online inventory management and inventory promotion system are very easy to use and require no complex web experience. We decode each of your VIN numbers so that vehicle information gets pre-populated and you just write the vehicle description. Add vehicles, add pictures and get your vehicles published and exposed in seconds...literally. Our service includes a custom email address, a URL for your dealership, and a cutting-edge, search engine optimized and user friendly dealer website to increase your online visibility.

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Post them with 1 click.
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Dealer Website: Dealer Jump will build you and provide you with a website for your dealership that will attract visitors, be easy to navigate through, provide thorough information about your dealership, and provide a consistent image for your dealership to gain the trust and confidence of car buyers. The dealer website shows your complete inventory with vehicle details and up to 100 pics per vehicle. When your site visitors find a car they like, they can write to you directly from the vehicle page, so your online showcase becomes a lead generation portal.
Online Advertising Portal: Dealer Jump realizes that running a successful dealership means that you have lots of things to take care of. Our system allows you to manage all of your inventory and online advertising in one place. That means that in one place you can add vehicles with our customized VIN decoder, edit vehicle details and descriptions, upload up to 100 images in a single click, and control all of your online advertising. One single entry point and place to manage your dealership's web advertising.
You're Never Alone: We provide full training, support, and guidance for you and those that work at your dealership. You have the entire Dealer Jump team behind you at all times to help with uploads, postings, customizing your site, or just general dealership guidance. We've been working with dealerships for several years, so rest assured that you're in good hands.
Facebook for Dealers: Interacting with online social networks has become such a part of the daily routine that we want to be sure your dealership gets included with proper exposure. There's also great SEO value to our dealership for being on social networks. Our Dealer Jump Facebook application will help you do just that - be social and spread the word about your dealership inventory online. Our Facebook Dealer application starts by creating a facebook profile for your dealership (if you already have a personal one we can link it to that), then adds a new posting for each vehicle that gets added to your dealer website, and allows Facebook friends and visitors to see your entire list of inventory all from within the world's most popular social networking site with millions and millions of concurrent users. Your dealership Facebook profile links back to your dealer website, and you'll have people from all over the web and Facebook "Like" your inventory and your dealership. As with most of the Dealer Jump services, this process is entirely automated for you so it's hands-free management. It's a common practice to ask each customer of yours to "Friend" your facebook profile after purchasing a car from you, so watch your list grow. We'll be the first fans!
Sell cars on Craigslist...easily and virtually automatically. Craigslist is the world's most popular classified ad website with many different types of classified ads and is particularly great for  dealers who want to sell vehicles online. If you're familiar with posting vehicles on Craigslist, you'll be amazed at how much easier it is with our system. It's virtually automatic and your ad has the same vehicle pictures from your website and links to the vehicle on your website. If you've never posted to Craigslist, don't wait any longer to tap into this gem where our dealers find real buyers for their cars each and every day.
Useful Statistics: With the Dealer Jump vehicle traffic statistics, you'll know where your site visitors come from and which online publishing that Dealer Jump does for you results in more leads and more sales.
DMS Integration: If you want to run your dealership with a DMS, have the benfit of printing out all the appropriate DMV required sales paperwork along with the benefits of business reports, and be able to sync your inventory details, vehicle options and pictures with 1-click, then you're in luck. Get in touch to talk about this feature of Dealer Jump in more detail.
Inventory Import Settings: If you are using the Advanced Car Dealer Manager DMS from Florida Dealer Consultants or the Frazer DMS you will have instant synchronization between both your website and your DMS. That means no duplication of data entry and lots of time saved. If not, you'll enjoy using our automatic VIN decoder that lets you add new vehicles in just a couple seconds.
Classified Ads for Car Dealers: There are many public websites with classified sections that car buyers frequent very often when looking for cars. Dealer Jump sends your inventory to each of these popular places. Sell cars on craigslist. Sell cars on Google. Sell cars on Facebook, Vast and many others. Your inventory appears on these sites because of your affiliation with Dealer Jump. Internet Dealer classified ads get you lots of visibility on the internet, bring you lots of leads, and help you sell cars online.
SEO for Dealers | Dealer SEO | Car Dealer Search Engine Optimization: These are not just industry buzz words that we're putting on a page. They're the services and results that we bring to our Dealers. When you want internet exposure, lots of internet leads, high quality search engine optimization for your dealer website, Dealer Jump provides some of the best, wide reaching strategies around.
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